Tell me and I forget,teach me and I may remember,involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin


A deep exploration of the WOOMethod in an intimate setting, focused on refining various skills to affectively guide and inspire a strong, fluid and intelligent yoga practice. Led by senior WOOM Guide Mariah Betts and supported by Yoga Director Francesca Bove and Co-Founder Elian Zach-Shemesh, participants in this Yoga Alliance Certified program will receive personal coaching throughout the course of eight weeks, learning how to translate individual gifts into authentic teachings.

Space in this module is very limited.


WOOM Method

  • Alignment
  • Anatomy
  • Assists
  • Sequencing for a multi-level group
  • Prop & Flow
  • Practice Guiding
  • Feedback

Sound School

  • Vocal Meditation
  • Offering a meaningful sonic savasana
  • Using the speaking voice as an engaging instrument
  • Playlist curation

Tool Box

  • Threading a theme through a practice
  • Teaching action – metaphor as inspiration
  • Effective verbal communication


The WOOMentorship program includes the required sessions below in addition to attending 3 experiences per week, shadowing and assisting a designated WOOM Guide, and completing homework assignments and readings. Every absence of over 1 hour will need to be made up for by scheduling a private session with one of the leading guides, in order to receive the certification. The rate of every hourlong make up session is $150.


Next module dates TBA


Early Bird $1950

Just A Bird $2350