“Yoga is an effortless dance withbreath and gravity.”

~ Vanda Scaravelli


Summer dates TBA

The program will cover the basic format of the signature WOOM sequencing. You’ll learn how to sequence a well grounded and creative yoga class, taking into account the importance of warming up and lubricating the joints and spine, strengthening and lengthening muscles, and creating a well-sequenced, fluid practice, working toward a peak pose or transition. Through thoughtful repetition and clever and creative weaving of asana, you’ll learn how to structure a yoga experience!

This program is available to 200hr RYT (or more) only, and is mandatory for teachers who would like to join the WOOM guiding team.


The WOOM Yoga Experience is a complete mind-body-spirit immersion combining the therapeutic properties of vinyasa yoga and sound vibration.

Our signature experiences include vocal toning, the use of overtone-emitting instruments, and a strong focus on creative asana sequencing and repetition. Hands-on assists, blindfolded segments, our essential oil mist, and fresh elixirs, and an audio/visual system are also featured in order to facilitate a stimulating, sense-enhancing environment for the practice.

Seamlessly blending ancient practices of yoga and meditation with a futuristic flavor for technology, the method creates a space for practitioners to experience expanded states of consciousness and cultivate a passion for the complexity of the journey, the simplicity of its essence, and the undeniable connection of everything and everyone.



  • Joints and Spine
  • The power of thoughtful repetition
  • Sun Salutations and Creative Salutations
  • Sequencing wisely to the front and back of the mat
  • Mindful sequencing toward a peak pose
  • Learning how to form sequences focused on feet, hands and knees, supine and prone
  • Props – how blocks, straps, blankets and the wall support more advanced poses
  • Assists – being supportive without intrusion
  • Creating a powerful yoga experience both for your personal practice and for a group setting

Sound School

  • Sound Theory: The therapeutic and psychedelic properties of sound
  • Sound Practicum: Playing instruments and holding a safe space
  • Playlist Curation: Creating a sonic journey
  • The Most Powerful Instrument: How to use your voice
  • Vocal Meditation

Tool Box

  • Scale up and scale down: forming a good base that could be dialed down for beginners and dialed up for advanced practitioners
  • Playlist curation based on aligning movement to mood of the experience
  • Savasana and restorative


The training program will hold a strict attendance policy. All sessions must be fully attended. For hours missed you will need to schedule private sessions with one of the leading guides, with rates ranging between $150-$250 per session, depending on the amount of time missed.

WOOM will not grant a certificate of completion to a participant who missed more than 1 hour of training, and time will need to be made up over the following WOOMoves training. The certificate of completion can be registered with Yoga Alliance as continuing education.


Passionate yoga teachers ready to dance!


The WOOMoves 20-hour module includes the required weekend of sessions, assigned readings, and attending at least 3 experiences before the beginning of the program.


Friday- Sunday

Friday 11:30am-5pm

Saturday 11:30am-7pm

Sunday 11:30am- 6pm


Early Bird$575

Just a Bird$675

We require a $300 deposit. It is non-refundable, and will be due upon acceptance notice in order to secure your spot.
The full tuition is due two weeks before the program start date. Our refund policy allows for a full refund up to two weeks prior to the program start date, without exception.

Please inquire about our payment plan options